Thursday, March 21, 2013

Let me get straight to the point, friends.  I detest poets and poetry.  I look at poets the same way I look at hippies.  They choose to view things and describe them in a way that is foreign to me.  When I see a pretty flower there are a multitude of apt words and word pairings that I could concoct to describe that flower.  All of which are relevant to flowers and beauty.  I fail to see the point in describing a beautiful flower as a “piece of happiness that yearns to stretch towards an unreachable life source”. 

At this juncture I would like to point out that as much of an opinion as I have towards the “art” of poetry I have never actually read an entire piece, save Shel Silverstein’s work. 

So as uncharacteristic it is for me, I am going to give something new a chance.  I mean, I am the type of person that orders the exact same meal every time because I know I like it.  If I like something, why take the chance of getting something I might not like?  I am going to read poetry with an open mind.  I assure you all that if I like it, I will recant all previous statements made to the contrary.

That being said, if anyone has suggestions for poetry that is not mushy and introspective but instead focuses on something a bit more masculine, please let me know.

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  1. Oh, Seth! I knew we would become pals, and this post just confirmed it.

    I have often said the same thing about poetry. It just isn't my thing - most of the time. I have come across some poets that I find interesting, but I think it's mainly because they're all full of angst or awkward emotion {for some reason I really enjoy those}.

    I just blogged today about realizing that music is actually a lot like poetry. And somehow, I love music, so maybe there's hope..?

    I also noted your mention of Shel Silverstein. I have read almost every bit of his work and find it all to be completely awesome. The humor and silliness of some pieces adds the perfect punctuation point to a happy day. Even the more poignant, emotional pieces are kept light enough to prevent depression! Love, love, love...

    Thanks for the laugh {and honesty}. Glad to know I'm not alone!